Monthly Enhancement Program

The Monthly Enhancement Program – Monthly Energy Transmission for Health, Wealth, Spirituality, Relationships And Overall Wellness

DO YOU WANT TO HAVE a strong connection to your Inner Guidance System? The Monthly Enhancement Program is a great opportunity for everyone to receive the life-transforming benefits of The Trivedi Effect® through at least one Energy Transmission per month from one of the Trivedi Masters.

Tens of thousands of people have reported experiencing incredible benefits through The Trivedi Effect®, such as a higher level of consciousness, enhanced level of potential, increased happiness and prosperity. They have also found significant improvement in their health, wealth, spirituality, relationships and overall wellness in all areas of their lives.


The Monthly Enhancement Program is designed so that you experience gradual and consistent growth in your life in order to achieve your optimum potential at a very affordable price. This program is recommended for a period of six months so as to utilize its maximum benefits. The best part is that this program is available for you in the comfort of your own home and you can easily integrate it into your monthly schedule. This program takes place on the third Thursday of every month, in which Mahendra Trivedi and Trivedi Master Alice Branton will administer a powerful Energy Transmission together to all participants.
Join individuals from around the globe on this live-streaming program, which features a wide range of topics during each dynamic, interactive session. Each live interactive session provides deep insights and life-changing perspectives on health, relationships, spirituality, prosperity, and more from Mahendra Trivedi and Alice Branton. Hear their profound discourses, get answers to your questions and share your experiences.
Every session of the Monthly Enhancement Program features an interactive session which will provide you insights on topics of health, relationships and spirituality. Hear a thought provoking discourse from Mahendra Trivedi and Trivedi Master Alice Branton, ask questions and share your experiences with them.
Be the one among thousands of individuals around the globe who are witnessing the world in a higher level of consciousness and enjoying a better quality of life. When you enroll in the Monthly Enhancement Program, you will be provided with access information for the live webcast a day before the event. All you need to do is log on or dial in to get connected to the Trivedi Masters. Simple!
During the course of this program, you will experience a transformation in your overall life, attitude, relationships, work performance, productivity and daily activities. When you register for a six-month subscription to attend one Monthly Enhancement module per month, you will receive a 50 percent reduction in price.


Take your spiritual transformation to the next level. Enroll in this live-streaming program for 6 months (recommended) at a very special price and embrace life with your full potential.

Everyone can benefit. This program is designed to help people with their overall transformation, including improvements in such areas as physical, mental, emotional, sexual, spiritual and financial as well as a deepening and enriching of personal relationships.

Administered: Remotely
Intensity of Energy: high
Estimated Duration: 10-15 minutes

- Interactive group discourse
- Q&A session
- Energy Transmission

Internet or phone access is required
to participate.
Choose to participate via webcast for video/audio streaming, or via phone or Skype for audio only.

Third Thursday:
Mahendra Trivedi and Alice Branton

(session duration estimated 75-90 minutes)

“Every month you will grow in all areas of your life… physical, mental, emotional, sexual and spiritual. This will improve your finances and your relationships… transformation”
- Mahendra Trivedi

Program Pricing

$100 for a single call
*SAVE 50%
on monthly subscription with
6 - month minimum commitment
Limited Period Offer

  • Single Call
  • Monthly Subscription
Monthly Enhancement Program with Alice
$50.00 Discount*, $50.00 Per Month
Price: $100.00 Per Session
Monthly Enhancement Program - Alice Branton
3rd Thursday
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I want to thank Guruji here for his help recently. I was feeling very poorly and had so much to do at work with 2 jobs and things to do at home.I emailed Guruji asking for help and almost immediately felt much improved.

- Judith S.

That energy transmission was very powerful. I was vibrating and my body was humming the entire time.I have no fear of the future,I have clarity of mind that has never before been available to me.

-Douglas K.

Amazing Energy Transmission from Mahendra Trivedi, thank you so much.Trusting that at 71 years young my guides will find a way to take me back to England from South Africa. Back with my children and work again healing people.

-Vera S.