Special Prayer For Inner Peace

You Are Invited

To Join Us For Special Prayer

31st March – 15th April, 2014

Connect With The Divine Energy, Experience The RARE and Transformational Energy Transmissions Administered To Accelerate Your LIFE Journey To Superlative Success & Unbridled Prosperity….

Join Thousands of People Around The World Who Have Experienced
The RARE Power of “The Trivedi Effect®… Reporting

  • Holistic Abundance
  • Enhanced potential in all spheres of life
  • Better health
  • Improved Relationships
  • Inner peace, and contentment
  • Financial Security and prosperity

During this auspicious time, a time that ONLY presents itself twice each year MAHENDRA TRIVEDI and “Trivedi Master™”
Alice Branton will be orchestrating Special Prayer – Master Energy Transmissions™.
Over the course of 16-days beginning on and including the 31st March through to and including the 15th April 2014 they are able
to harness the full extent of the DIVINE ENERGY allowing them to bestow upon you the Most POTENT Master
Energy Transmissions™ as a PRICELESS GIFT !

Accelerate Your Personal Transformation

This is a RARE opportunity to accelerate your personal transformation through the grace of MAHENDRA TRIVEDI and
“Trivedi Master™” Alice Branton as they bestow you with the most powerful form of DIVINE ENERGY, energy that will finally
reveal to you your true life purpose, fill you with passion and lead you onto a path of spectacular achievement and
spellbinding success in all
LIFE spheres !

What You Can Expect From Special Prayer…?

Shortly after receiving the powerful Master Energy Transmissions™ from MAHENDRA TRIVEDI and the “Trivedi Master™”
Alice Branton, you, like thousands of others before you, will begin to experience the amazing impact of The Trivedi Effect® in your life.

Here are just a few of the benefits others have reported from just ONE Energy Transmission :

  • Relief from chronic pain
  • Repair of Neurological disorders
  • Ending of Debilitating arthritis
  • Removal of Severe food sensitivities
  • Better quality sleep
  • Greater self-confidence
  • More profound inner peace
  • Increased energy levels
  • Loss of Fear from the future and
  • Dramatic shifts in prosperity
  • Better relationships
  • Reduction of Health issues
  • Reduced anxiety
  • End of depression
  • Improved moods
  • Increase in abundance
  • Enhanced sex drive and stamina
  • Recognition by colleagues & family
  • Feelings of rejuvenation
  • Motivation & Inspiration in life

However, people who have experienced The Trivedi Effect® are reporting that, for the first time in their lives, they are able to realize and ENVISION their life’s purpose through a deeper connection with the GOD of their understanding.

Bonnie D Clark

I have benefited in remarkable ways by participating for Energy Transmissions and am excited to see how things improve. I am TRULY appreciative and send you all love and light! I would love to be with you at the Trivedi Retreat and will be with you in spirit. Namaste’

Bonnie D.

Annette Nel

Thank you MAHENDRA TRIVEDI and Alice Branton! I am infinitely thankful to you for the Energy Transmissions! My body tingled and a warmth went through me, feeling so comforting and peaceful. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

Annette N.

Tom Sladel

I am happy to say after having some very uncomfortable instants inpast 3 days I had relief that I had notexperienced for years. THANK YOU MAHENDRA TRIVEDI!! My life has improved physically and most importantly advanced spiritually since I have had my journey with you!

Tom S.

Janice Patrice Hart

I want to say thank you for these wonderful Energy Transmissions I received from you. I was guided through you to the God of my understanding and I am ever so grateful for the power and love of these Energy Transmissions. Thank you!!

Janice P.

Ellia O Donnell

I am grateful enjoyed a wonderful holiday season with my family and friends. This year I was calm, peaceful and able to offer so much love and compassion that whole experience was much better and joyful! Deepest Gratitude & Love to MAHENDRA TRIVEDI, Dahryn Trivedi, Trivedi Masters™ family.

Ellia O.

Judith Shapiro

I am grateful for all the time you spend with us. I am in gratitude to having found you. Thank you MAHENDRA TRIVEDI and Alice. I love these calls and feel great by the Energy Transmissions.

Judith S.

Una L Thomsen

Thank You to both MAHENDRA TRIVEDI and Alice Branton for your total honestly tonight, I feel this Energy Transmissions allows all of us to be honest with everyone and more importantly with ourselves. Thank you!!

Una L.

Donna Alija

Thank you MAHENDRA TRIVEDI and Alice Branton for tonight’s discourse and Energy Transmissions. Alice, the information you shared about opening to the unknown and what I think I know was exactly what I needed to hear.Deep gratitude for sharing your truth. I believe this will create a much bigger shift in my life.

Donna A.

Imagine the cumulative effect on your personal transformation both now and forever more when you receive 9+9 Powerful Energy Transmissions all delivered during this time of Special Prayer, a time when the DIVINE
is, through the channels of MAHENDRA TRIVEDI and “Trivedi Master™” Alice Branton, most accessible to you.

Experience Transformational DIVINE ENERGY TRANSMISSIONS With MAHENDRA TRIVEDI and “Trivedi Master™” Alice Branton.

Mahendra Trivedi - Alice Branton

The Special Prayer Master Energy Transmissions™ will conclude with an exclusive privilege
to attend a LIVE Webcast on April 08th, 2014, where you can immerse yourself into a thought provoking discourse with
MAHENDRA TRIVEDI and “Trivedi Master™” Alice Branton.

During this insightful event you will experience the true benevolence and dedication MAHENDRA TRIVEDI has for the
expansion and understanding of consciousness and discover how The Trivedi Effect® can optimize your potential and
endow unending abundance & ceaseless prosperity in your LIFE and in those for whom you love and care.

To allow everyone the access to this RARE & VALUABLE DIVINE ENERGY you have the CHANCE TO REGISTER at an exceptional VALUE today !

Participation in the Special Prayer LIVE Webcast in addition to the RARE & POWERFUL Master Energy Transmissions™ by MAHENDRA TRIVEDI and “Trivedi Master™” Alice Branton is highly recommended.

You can opt for Special Prayer LIVE Webcast by remitting an additional $50
NOTE: You also have the option to get remote access to the LIVE Webcast only.


Special Prayer Price For Master Energy Transmission™

Note: Master Energy Transmissions™ will be administered throughout the day in the 24 hour period starting 12:01AM of 31st March to 11:59 PM of 15th April 2014.
There is no time restriction – all 9+9 Divine Energy Transmissions can be purchased up until 15th April midnight.

Join the Special Prayer Master Energy Transmissions™ that can bring a Radical Transformation in your life

that culminates into unending success and profound prosperity in all spheres of LIFE.

Receive up to Eighteen Powerful Master Energy Transmissions™ during your sleep from
“Trivedi Master™” Alice Branton, which will transport you to a realm of

Optimal Consciousness & Holistic Abundance!

For more information contact Client Services at 1-877-493-4092 or

NOTE: MAHENDRA TRIVEDI’s Energy Transmissions are not a substitute for medical care or other licensed health care and Trivedi Global Inc., and any of its affiliates does not make any representation or promise regarding the effects or outcome of these energy transmissions. To ensure that you understand these facts, it will be necessary for you to read and agree to the Terms & Conditions on an electronic release form that will be provided for you at the time you register for your energy transmissions.