Would you like to be among the tens of thousands of people world-wide who have reported transformational benefits in all areas of their lives, including physical, mental, emotional, sexual, spiritual, and financial wellness and a vast improvement in relationships? If yes, then join Mahendra Trivedi, for an Evening of Transformation that may just turn out to be a turning point in your life.
During an Evening of Transformation live broadcast – conducted on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month – you will learn about The Trivedi Effect® and the miraculous outcomes of the Energy Transmissions from Mr. Trivedi is unlike any individual you have ever met. His lively, honest communication style and unique sense of humor is refreshing and resonates with individuals of all nationalities, religious beliefs, and faiths. This outstanding, interactive session provides profound insights on daily life and valuable perspectives on how to strengthen the connection to your spiritual Inner Guidance System with The Trivedi Effect® and optimize your true potential.
After his discourse, Mr. Trivedi will administer an Energy Transmission for all the participants present remotely around the world. You may, at the end of the call, ask questions and share your experiences or discuss any life problem for guidance from Mr. Trivedi.
This session is especially useful for someone who is experiencing The Trivedi Effect® for the first time. During a remote Group Energy Transmission, the energy is transmitted at one time to many people with diverse backgrounds and conditions (unlike an individualized transmission during a Master level program). It is so powerful that many individuals report amazing results after just one Energy Transmission!
An Evening of Transformation is a great starting point if you wish to go down the road of transformation and optimize your potential. It will also help you identify which Trivedi Master Wellness program best fits your requirements and long-term goals!

Please note that program terms are subject to change at any time, as per Mr. Trivedi’s discretion.



This is a Live Streaming session, accessible on the Internet or phone. Mahendra Trivedi offers a discourse, answers questions, and participants are free to share their life problems
or experiences.

You receive an Energy Transmission remotely, in the comfort of your home.

best-iconWho is best suited for the Program?

This Trivedi Master Wellness program is designed for someone who wants to learn more about The Trivedi Effect® and/or experience the benefits of an Energy Transmission for the first time.

energy-transmission-iconEnergy Transmission

Administered: Remotely
Estimated Duration:
7-15 minutes.

program-includes-iconProgram Includes

- Interactive discourse with Mr. Trivedi
- Q&A session
- Energy Transmission


Internet or phone access is required to participate.

Choose to participate via webcast for video/audio streaming, or via phone or Skype for audio only.


Tuesdays, 9pm ET
(estimated 75-90 minutes)*
Occurs the second and fourth Tuesday of each month.
View Event Calendar for upcoming session.

Program Benefits*

  • Higher quality sleep
  • Increased mental clarity
  • Greater mental calmness
  • Improved health
  • Better relations
  • Improved finances
  • Less fear of the future
  • Reduced anxiety
  ...and more

*As commonly reported by people who have attended an Evening of Transformation

Program Pricing

Per session

An Evening of Transformation Second Tuesday
05/13/2014 9:00 pm - 10:30 pm